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My name is Marti, and I am a storyteller. Each person, each family has a unique story, and through my lens I strive to tell yours. The way your newborn curls into your chest. The way your little one holds your fingers as they're learning to walk. The way you and your partner look into each other's eyes and smile at a joke only the two of you are privy to. The way your eyes light up when you watch your children playing. The way your children run to you when they're scared, or excited, or hurt. These are the little moments worth remembering, the little moments your children deserve to have physical reminders of. The moments you deserve to experience fully. Step out from behind your camera and let me do the documenting. 

This is my goal every time I pick up my camera, whether I'm photographing my own family or yours: to capture beautiful moments, strong connections, captivating stories, and powerful emotions- the good and the bad.

To document your story. 

We owe it to each other to tell stories
— Neil Gaiman
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