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Meet marti

Photo courtesy of Micah Simmons Photography.

You may have seen a quote on the homepage of this website: "We owe it to each other to tell stories," from a great storyteller, Neil Gaiman. I truly believe in this saying this from the very bottom of my heart. Some of my best childhood memories are of my parents telling me endless stories. It shaped who I am as a person and left an impression on me to this day. I also believe from the very bottom of my heart that there are countless ways to tell a story. There's words of course, written or spoken. There's poetry and music. There's art of all kinds: drawing, painting, animation, tattoos, film, and of course, photography. Enter lifestyle photography.

As a lifestyle photographer, I want to tell your family’s story; the connections and the love you share, not only your smiling faces. I want your children to run, laugh, and have a blast at our session. I want YOU to have fun during our session! That’s why you’ll spend your photo session playing games with your children, snuggling close, and just being together in the moment! It may not feel like the photo shoots you grew up with and it may not feel like we’re getting any good pictures, but I promise you we are. So relax and enjoy a whole hour of quality time with your family, and let me worry about the rest! These are the little moments worth remembering, the little moments your children deserve to have physical reminders of. The moments you deserve to experience fully. We owe it to our children to tell them the story of our family.

When I'm not taking photos there's a pretty good chance I'm baking something sweet and delicious in the kitchen, reading a sci-fi or historical fiction novel, or binge-watching reruns of Friends, Scrubs, or The Office. You will always find me with a mug of coffee within arm’s reach, and usually my toddler on my lap. My three year old daughter is the entire reason I do what I do. I realized early in her life that she was growing up too quickly, a feeling I’m sure most parents can relate to. It became incredibly important to me that I capture the stages of her childhood before they're gone. I capture the little moments that won’t last forever; the way she holds my hand as we cross the street, the way she carries her favorite stuffed animal everywhere with her. I capture her BIG emotions: the way she cries because I won’t let her have a cookie for breakfast (meanest mom ever, I know), and the way when she first started ‘throwing tantrums,’ she’d lie face down on the floor and just not move. Preserving the real, honest moments of her life and the extreme emotions she displays is one of my greatest joys, and I aim to capture those same fleeting moments for other families.


Professional Affiliations

I am a Preferred Photographer at Morven Park as well as a member of the NAPCP, The National Association of Professional Child Photographers, a group whose mission is to promote and support the artistry and integrity of professional child photographers. Additionally, I am a contributing artist with Cavan Images and Offset by Shutterstock. 

In April 2018 my image was published in the Details issue of Dear Photographer Magazine. I am a moderator and Expert Artist at Unraveled Academy, an online photography school where my work has been featured here: (1), (2), (3). I am also a mentor of the Unraveled Scholarship fund, which you can learn more about here.

In an effort to continuously improve my photography skills, I am a lifetime member of Clickin Moms, a leading photography community for women, where my work has been featured numerous times: (1)(2)(3), (4). 


Volunteer Organizations

I am a volunteer photographer with the following non-profit organizations. If you believe you or someone you know may be eligible for a free photo session from one of these organizations, please reach out to them at the links to the left.


Hearts Apart provides free family sessions to active duty military families who are home on R&R or about to deploy. They also provide newborn sessions for babies born while their parent is deployed.

Magic Hour works with individuals of all ages who are fighting cancer and people who have beaten cancer within the past two years to provide them with free family photo sessions. See my work with Magic Hour here


The Gold Hope Project works specifically with children who are currently battling cancer by pairing them with a local photographer who provides them with a fun photo session.

Red Thread Sessions connects adoptive families with photographers who offer discounted sessions to families who are in the process of adopting a child or who have recently adopted a child. Types of sessions include portrait sessions for families who have adopted within the last three months, documentary courtroom sessions, and birth sessions capturing the birth of a child in an open adoption. See my work with Red Thread Sessions here