Ashburn, Virginia In Home Newborn Session | Northern Virginia Lifestyle Photography

I think newborn photography might just be my favorite type of photography to do. I mean, sure, I say that about every session when I get home, but I think I really mean it about newborns. Until I have my next family session, at least :)

This little guy was so alert. I remember when I was a brand new parent I used to hate when people described my daughter that way. They always said it like it was a good thing, when all I wanted in my extremely sleep deprived state was for her to be slightly less alert, fall asleep and let me sleep for an hour. Good times. I spent about two and a half hours at Adam’s home, and he was awake all but the last half hour. It was then that I was able to sneak in a few posed, sleepy baby photos like the ones towards the end here. The great thing about lifestyle newborn photography though is that your baby doesn’t need to sleep the whole time we’re together. Or at all, really. We were able to capture some adorable portraits showcasing Adam’s gorgeous brown eyes, and I loved the way he watched his parents every move. He was just so intently focusing on everything around him; there’s way to much to look up to be bothered with sleep!

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