Morven Park Cake Smash | Northern Virginia First Birthday Photography

Just look how sweet this little man is! I feel like in some of the photography schools and groups I'm part of, sometimes cake smashes get a bad rap. A lot of people don't like the idea of tiny icing-covered hands reaching for their expensive equipment, or maybe they think cake smashes are too cheesy or don't allow for the real, authentic moments we so love to capture. I'm here to say, cake smashes are my guilty pleasure. Give me allllll the cake-covered babies, please! 

I love the way each little one year old reacts to their cake differently, how some dive right in and some (read: most) need a little convincing. How some are perfectly happy to sit calmly in front of their cake while others are up and running to explore their new surroundings. I love the way every baby reaches for their parents at some point during their cake smash, and capturing the way those parents react. Those are some amazing real moments I'm always honored to capture. 

Liam was such a sweetheart at his cake smash! For the first part of our session he just watched me and wasn't too interested in playing, but once we put that cake down in front of him his personality shone through, he was smiling and laughing and bouncing, having a ton of fun. He also got to have his first experience with balloons, which were a huge hit! Here are a few of my favorites from Liam's cake smash!

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