Ashburn, Virginia Family Photography | May Review

Happy June! I cannot believe we're nearly halfway through 2018! May brought my little girl's 3rd birthday, which was celebrated with lots of cake, balloons, and a trip to the Shenandoah Valley Discovery Museum in Winchester which we loooved! I highly recommend it to anyone local with little ones!

Along with many other photographers all over the country, I began a new project at the end of the month called 100 Days of Summer, where my goal is to capture our summer together with one picture a day for 100 days. Because I'm only four days in I'll save those for next week when (hopefully) I have 30 more to share!

Here's a look at our month:

We began with a trip to Burnside Farms, where we picked flowers and enjoyed the bounce houses and awesome playground equipment. 

Our typical nightly routine; she loves the bath but she is not a fan of having her hair brushed

These next few photos are annual pictures we take of Charlie on her birthday each year (at least for as long as she'll let us):

As much as I don't enjoy being in front of the camera, I try to hop in at least once or twice a month:

I have a feeling we'll be doing this a lot this summer.

I had this image in my mind before we headed to the lake to "fish" and surprisingly Charlie cooperated long enough to capture the image I wanted, but she also fell in love with fishing! We may have to buy her an actual fishing pole so she can learn to fish for real!

I would love to capture your family the same way I capture my own! I'm currently booking sessions for Summer and Fall of 2018 (which will fill up quickly!) so send me a note and let's chat about planning your perfect family session!