The Gold Hope Project Warrior Session | Northern Virginia Family Photography

I'm honestly not even sure where to begin with this wonderful session. Although these photos were taken months ago, I was unable to share the images until The Gold Hope Project shared them first. It has been a long wait because I am so in love with these photos, and this family, and couldn't wait to share these. You see, I am a volunteer photographer with this wonderful organization that pairs children who are fighting (or who have beaten) cancer with local photographers for fun photo sessions. This was my very first family with The Gold Hope Project, and I couldn't have hoped for a sweeter or more fun-loving family!

Solomon is two years old and was diagnosed with Stage 3 neuroblastoma last fall. Since then, he and his mother have been traveling to New York for one week each month for treatment, while his dad stays behind to care for his baby sister. I cannot even fathom how tough that must be on every member of this sweet family. But, I am overjoyed to share that Solomon is now in remission! 

Solomon is a fighter for sure, so his parents decided to give him a warrior themed photo session, complete with swords, shields, and armor. It. Was. AMAZING. I knew when I saw how detailed the costumes were that this would be a fun session, and what could possibly make a photo session more fun than a sword fight with your parents? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

If you think you or someone you know may be eligible for a session through The Gold Hope Project, I encourage you to head to their website to apply for a session. And if you're a fellow photographer who has stumbled on these photos, I hope you will consider volunteering for this amazing organization!